My name is Jathu Satkunarajah. I recently graduated from the University of Toronto with an honours BSc. in Computer Science.

I develop software. I also tweet from time to time and very rarely write blogs.

Past Projects

Bisheng · macOS · October 2016

A minimal EPUB metadata editor for macOS. Change a book's cover, title, authors, publication date and ISBN.

Annex · iOS · September 2015

Annex is an app that helps you to keep track of your time and productivity. It allows you to see how you spend your day, and visually recognize your productivity patterns.

Sweetercolor · Swift · August 2015

A color extension library for Swift. It includes Photoshop style color blending, hex & full RGBA color initializers, luminance calculator, CIE(DE)94-2000, contrasting color calculator and much more.

UIImageColors · Swift · June 2015

iTunes style color fetcher for UIImage in iOS Swift. It fetches the most dominant and prominent colors based on contrast ratios of each color.

Pixels · Web · June 2014

Canvas based pixel art creator. It includes a full color picker, history states and save to png.